Our Next Pre-Sale Offer is FINALLY Here! Introducing “Store Focus” Journal For Etsians

June 2, 2016

Yeah, so it took a ridiculously LONG time to get our next publication ready to go, but what do you do? It is what it is. But that makes us extra jazzed that it is ready to go now!

Store Focus Journal For Etsians is THE Ultimate Organization Center for your Etsy Shop! Keep all your Etsy related shop information in one, easy-to-find place. There are pages to record basic shop info, about your shop, researching other shops, supplier info, shipping and material costs, retail pricing, ideas, doodles, shop goals, social media details, Etsy Facebook groups, resources, ideas for getting found, recording store tasks, success mindset, stat tracking pages and a cha-ching on every page!

The details:

Our store orders page will be accepting pre-orders until midnight on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016. On Thursday, June 9th at 10:00 am CT, a bulk order will be placed.

As part of the pre-launch, there is special pricing for both the book and shipping, several downloadable bonuses, and the author will be signing the copies.

To read more about the book and get the details, see our sales page: https://sunlionpublications.com/store-focus-journal-for-etsians-pre-sale/

Best wishes,
Sun Lion Publications

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